You Asked, We Listened

A gentleman once asked "Where are the sci-fi books?" This started a discussion with patrons to find out how they look for books. We found that many enjoyed reading books of a particular genre. With fiction books shelved alphabetically by author's last name, it was difficult to find other authors who wrote similar material. Your library staff is making it easier to find the books you love by re-arranging the books according to genre.

We knew it would take months to accomplish this task. We anticipate completion of this project by July. The following collections are already taking shape: biography, classics, local authors, westerns, Christian fiction, large print, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and "thrillers" (which includes all mystery books). Keep in mind that some books may fit more than one category. For example, "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" is science fiction but also a classic (and you'll find it in the Classic Literature section). The book is also available as a graphic novel although we don't currently have it in that format.

Other changes include:

1. New bookcases for KidSPACE. The library staff is re-purposing bookcases that will better accommodate the odd sizes of children's books.

2. The children's non-fiction books have been color coded to help children (and parents) easily find books. A color key is available for easy reference.

3. Audio Books, CDs, and DVDs are now on one row. We've seen an increase in DVD check-outs as well as an increase in DVD donations since making this change.

4. A new sofa has been added to KidSPACE and we're working to obtain comfortable lounge furniture for other areas of the library.

5. A parent mentioned that another library incorporated music into Story Time. Thanks to a gift from an anonymous donor, Preschool Story Time at the Gravette Public Library now includes music!

6. Last month we asked "What would you like to see at the library?" One response was "Lights to see books." We have since added three more light fixtures to provide illumination for the adult book collections. Others replied that they wanted Manga books. We've added five Manga books in response to this request. We're reviewing other book suggestions.

Whether it's a Post-It Note on a whiteboard or a conversation with our staff, we're listening and working to make the Gravette Public Library into a library that best serves our community. Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions!

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