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Blind Date With A Book

Have you ever been on a blind date? I have. Twice. Well meaning friends thought that they had found my true love. Alas, while the dates were nice, both being true gentlemen, our interests were far apart. Although that was my blind date experience, I know of others who found their soul mates on a blind date.

The Gravette Public Library began offering Blind Date With a Book in 2017 after library staff learned about it on Pinterest. It's since become an annual event for all ages.

Books are wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. Each book is decorated with a sticker that identifies the age level and includes a hint that carries a personal ad vibe. "Hello. I'm faithful and true." Hmmm... could this be a nonfiction book?

Blind Date With A Book allows patrons to discover new authors and new genres. If you are looking for an adventure, check out one of the titles from the Blind Date collection, take it home, unwrap it and see if its love at first site or if, like the old Mystery Date game, it's a dud.


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