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A Non-Smoking & Tobacco Free Facility

Smoking on library property is prohibited.

Food & Drink

Eating in the library except during special events is not allowed.  Beverages are prohibited in the computer lab.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Please be respectful of others when using cell phones in the library.

Pets & Animals

Only service animals are permitted in the library unless part of a library program.

Respect for People and Library Materials

1.    Defacing or mutilation of any library property or materials is prohibited and subject to replacement costs.

2.    Sleeping s not allowed on library property.

3.    Patrons should be properly clothed at all times, including shirt and shoes.

4.    Wet clothing is not allowed in the library.

5.    Public restrooms are not to be used for bathing or changing of clothes.

6.    Soliciting is not allowed on library premises.

7.    Loitering is not recommended on library property.  Please utilize library resources.

8.    Please keep conversations at a respectable noise level in consideration of others.

9.    Disrespectful behavior is not permitted.

10.  Littering is not permitted on library premises.

11.  Horseplay or running is not permitted on library premises.

12.  The library phone is for library use only.

13.  Anyone over the age of 15 is not allowed on the Children's Computers without permission from library staff.  

Children's Use of the Library

1.  Anyone under the age of 15 may not use the Adult Computers without permission from a library staff.

2   Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervision of children.  Children under the age of 12 may not be left unattended at the library.

3.  The Gravette Police Department will be called if unaccompanied children are left on library premises at time of closing.

The Gravette Public Library

is a fine free library. 

What does this mean?  

Fines are not imposed on overdue books and DVDs.  We do ask that you return books and DVDs to the library by the due date so they are available for others to check out. Replacement fees will apply for lost or damaged items.

Tech/STEM Overdue Fees

Equipment including hot spots, microscope, and telescopes as well as Discover Kits are subject to daily overdue fines and replacement fees if not returned.

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Fine Free Library

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